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After flunking out of University, Natsu has been working the night shift at the local MegaKonbiniMart to make ends meet. She's got an annoying co-worker who calls her "Flunkee-chan" whose sole purpose in life is to make her miserable. There's the creepy businessman who's only interests are of the 2D persuasion, and he can't help scaring away other customers. The foreigner who buys snacks in bulk and is hiding a secret. And then there's signs of a customer with sticky fingers.

How will Natsu's Konbini Life unfold?

A Visual Novel by 2Birds for Ilujam
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Published324 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
TagsAnime, Comedy, drama, Otome, Romance, Visual Novel


Konbini_Life_v1_DEMO.zip (38 MB)


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Do you have any problems or policies regarding Let's Plays? This one in particular would be part of a series, only feature the first 2-3 hours of one route, and link back here. 

No go for it! We love watching people play our demo :D It's a great source for feedback. Post the link here when you are done :3 (Or tweet at us if you prefer, we check both) <3

This looks so good :D Amazing work you guys - can't wait for the full version!
To other mac users out there having trouble: I couldn't play the game either but when I got it through the Itch-app instead and ran it there it worked. There is no sound however, and I'm wondering if it's just not part of the demo or if I'm still having some problems?
Other than that I'm really excited! :)

Thanks for the helpful advice for mac users! We've had a couple of queries and I wasn't entirely sure what could be wrong, this is awesome :) No sound unfortunately >.> we ran out of time to implement (this was originally a game jam) but the full release will have sound haha. Thanks for playing :)

It's free,right?

Certainly will be :)

This game is so amusing! I can't wait for the full version to come out! The glasses dude made me laugh so hard omg.


Yay a Glasses supporter! Glad you enjoyed the demo :)

Can I ask when will the release date be? is this game still on??

Good luck!

Game is still on! No definite release date but we've stopped spinning our wheels and have knuckled down XD Feels good.

OMG the art is impressive and I have high hopes for the game play and storyline! Cannot wait!

Thank you, Bird 2 is happy to hear! We hope to live up to the expectations XD

Can't wait for more! thanks for making this!

Thanks for playing! It means a lot to us :)

Can't wait for more! thanks for making this!

AAAAAA I want the full game!!!

Haha thank you! Hopefully sooooon~

the artwork is astonishing!!! i want full game!!

Thanks jaz98 <3

I can't wait for more!!

Thanks ganbarubys :D


How much longer till the full release guys? I'm really hyped ;))

Heya, no confirmed release date yet but we are very much actively working on it :) I'll try hard not to get too hung up on the nitty gritty, but I'll be honest, it's hard not to haha.


Yeah, don't hurry please, I'd honestly prefer you take your time making the best result you can get! (≧▽≦)

Nice art style, and the conversation and choices seem much more belivable and smooth than other otome game. Love the lol factors too. Looking forward to playing more!

Thanks so much Inkthered, we tried hard to make Natsu a believable person :D

How do I open the game I have a macbook pro and am running on Sierra my computer unzips the demo and the game app is there its just that when I click it, it won't open what do I do??

Hello! That's a bummer D: I'm not 100% sure what you might be encountering as I don't have a macbook. If you haven't granted permissions for the game to open, that could potentially be it - https://support.apple.com/kb/PH25088?locale=en_US

See if that helps :) And good luck!

Try right clicking on the game file (click with 2 fingers). On the drop down menu that pops up click on show package contents. You should get some kind of window that pops up. Click in the contents folder and open the file that says Mac OS. Click on the exec file and it should open the game.

Was loads of fun, and the art style is really pretty!
Look forward to seeing the full game :D

Thank you Chai ^.^

Ok the cg towards the end of the demo cracked me up, esp Glasses. I enjoyed this a lot!!! Thanks for your hard work, I can't wait for the full release!

Oh yay! We were running out of time near the end of the game jam, Bird2 did a great job with the CGs we were able to deliver XD Thank you!

(Edited 1 time) (+3)

I had a really Konbinient Experience, thank you! I'm eagerly looking forward for more.

I tried to think of a clever response using konbini but it's just not happening. Thank you so much for the kind words!

Have a konbinient day ;)

This was very entertaining! I'm already in love with the atractive artwork and the dialog. Can't wait for the full release.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love all the words of encouragement!

Looking forward to a full release! I really want to learn more about the characters. I did write about this demo a little bit in my blog, here: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/01/demos-to-...

Oh how fab! Thanks for taking the time and including Konbini Life on your blog <3<3<3 I also game in my pajamas XD

I am thoroughly looking forward to the full release

Thanks Seb :D Us too XD

Can't wait to play the game. Seriously, the Intro caught me more than most other Otomes did. Please please let us know as soon as you finished the game. Art is awesome, authentic humour. Great work!

Aww thank you :3 Hopefully by following us any updates we upload will send a notification ? *fingers crossed*


Occasionally, I give visual novels a shot, despite generally not enjoying them, mostly because my daughter's a fan and I like to try out the things she loves. This was one of the games I thought I'd try out, and I must say that it's one I actually really enjoyed! Prince amused me, and I kept waffling about whether I liked Grouchy or not, but even when I wasn't a fan of Grouchy, I still found him engaging. I was honestly a little disappointed when the demo ended before we could even find out why Hoody's a thief, though I did expect the game to be short because it was a demo.

I will be keeping an eye out for the full release in the future, and I wish you the best of luck in development!

It's wonderful that you get involved with your daughter's interests, that makes me very happy. And to know that you enjoyed what you played as well, thank you so much. We hope you enjoy the full release when we are done :)


Haha thank you!

This is great, I can't wait to see how the full game turns out. The art is gorgeous and the characters and story are really interesting. I'm so excited just imaging what the completed game will be like.

Hopefully we can live up to those expectations! But maybe lower them a little though, yeah? Haha I kid. Thanks so much for the encouragement :D

The demo was great! Can't wait to play the full game!

The art is gorgeous, very very well done.

Aww thanks :3 Glad you enjoy the art!

Such a great demo! The story felt so captivating, I'm so hyped for the full release. Is it coming any time soon?

Heya Zephyrion! We don't want to give a deadline for the final release as we want to release something we are proud. Plus who likes deadlines haha. You can follow us on twitter - https://twitter.com/2birdsgames for the latest news though :D

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS GAME! I check this page EVERY SINGLE MORNING (and sometimes every night as well) to see if there's anything new!


Haha that's too sweet ocupers. If you aren't already following us for updates, I'll make sure to ping you in this thread when we release the full version <3

Oh this game is so funny, im in love. the art is amazing and the characters are nice. Really need more please, thank for the game and the effort.

Thanks for your kind words Mitsuki! :)

moremoremore !!

*fist pump* thanks for the motivation :D

MORE.I love this game.I loved the manga characters name lolol

Aww thank you :D

i'm really impressed with this demo so far! the art is gorgeous--i'd say professional level--and the story and mood is pretty cute and lighthearted. can't wait for the full version!

Bird 2 is very happy you like her art :) We hope you will be impressed with the final <3

I. Need. More. *-*

Will. Try. To. Deliver. XD

Omg how long has it been since I've been so excited waiting for a game's full release! This demo was fantastic, and I can't wait to play the full game. I have high hopes for this game! <3 Keep up the great work! :)

Thanks momo-chan! :D We're so happy you enjoyed the demo, thanks for your support :)

Do you guys mind if I sketch your characters just to pass some time ?? I'll be sure to give credit , Plus when is the full demo coming out , im dying to play it already .

:O Of course not! The exact opposite, that sounds really amazing :D Please feel free to email it to us or tweet it so we can see it <3 <3 We're hoping to release the full game next year :)

I haven't played the demo yet, but just looking at the screenshots, damn! I love the art style *o*; Does the game's artist have a tumblr or a deviantart? I'd love to see more of their art!

Hey thanks so much for the kind words, I'm blushing haha!
I don't actually have a site for my art at all, but there's more art coming for the full version of the game (which will be free!), so please keep an eye out for updates! We really hope you enjoy it, thanks again <3

Konbini Life was an amazing demo to play through. It's already surpassed many dating sims on the market today. I love that it doesn't take itself very seriously, and that it plays up certain stereotypes to make it funnier. To me, it has the framework of a basic dating sim paired with stunning art and an interesting and lovably cheesy story. I actually had to think hard and weigh the consequences of the choices I made, which is a sign of good narrative! However, I would suggest making a consequence for situations that you answer "wrong." It would add to the replay-ability of the game and give the player more pressure to pick the right choice. Other than that, I am extremly excited for this game and looking forward to it!

Thank you so much arthoex, this is one of the best comments I've read on Konbini Life, it made me very happy :D We are definitely working on refining the consequences and making the dialogue more clear as to whether you are heading down a good path. Hopefully discovering more about Natsu and her journey will drive players to be more selfish, we want this to not just be a game about helping your chosen guy (but it's still there too haha). We are very excited to releasing the full game next year sometime (hopefully >.>) Thanks again!

the demo was so so good!!! i'm really looking forward to the full game ;;___;;!!

i'm not sure if this was ever addressed but would you consider incorporating a bit of voice acting for the full version :"O ??


Heya, thank you for playing Konbini Life :D :D :D As we are doing this for fun and for free we don't really have plans for any voice work. We will have music though and sound effects so hopefully that's a consolation ~(?.?~) :D


hey, as long as 'hoodie' is a possible route or the cg's are GORGEOUS, I don't care! X3

!!! gotcha !! regardless i'm super excited !!

AAAAA this was so good! I loved it! The writing is so funny and interesting! And the art is so lovely! SO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!! just. 10/10 can't wait for the full game

We are blushing, you're too kind :3 Can't wait to see what you think of the final product once it's released <3

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