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After flunking out of University, Natsu has been working the night shift at the local MegaKonbiniMart to make ends meet. She's got an annoying co-worker who calls her "Flunkee-chan" whose sole purpose in life is to make her miserable. There's the creepy businessman who's only interests are of the 2D persuasion, and he can't help scaring away other customers. The foreigner who buys snacks in bulk and is hiding a secret. And then there's signs of a customer with sticky fingers.

How will Natsu's Konbini Life unfold?

A Visual Novel by 2Birds for Ilujam
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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(218 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, Comedy, drama, Otome, Romance


Konbini_Life_v1_DEMO.zip 38 MB


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This was really good I hope you guys finish it soon <3

this was an amazing game and i really hope they will finish it soon


this game is one of the most beautiful art pieces i've ever seen in my life. i wish the creators well and hope this will be finished one day

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AHHH I REMEMBER THIS GAME!!! (〃^▽^〃) The art is ADORABLE and I love the characters! I don't know if the game is still being developed, but I hope to play the full version soon! If not then it's okay! I enjoyed the concept!( ´ ω ` )


I'm not going to give up on this. There are VNs which take years to finish, and I believe it's going to be worth the wait. (*^ω^*)♡


I hope the creators consider picking this up again one day eventually,,, I absolutely loved the demo 


The demo was so quirky and fun!  


I'm so sad the creators gave up on this game.. I've been trying to keep my hopes up for a past few years but it seems so unlikely that it'll ever get finished


I guess this isn't going to be continued I liked it though.


I was about to download it when I see that the demo was released in 2016 so obviously it was dropped unforttunately the art seems so fine 😥


Hello I was wondering if you are going to make this game for android?


I loveeeee this game. The art, the story, the mc. <33333


Dang, this game is probs discontinued they haven't posted on their official twitter since 2018.


Miss this game


i loved the game and the character interactions it seems pretty intersting it seems like the game has been droped is there going to be an update or not ? i really enjoyed this 


this has long since been abandoned unfortunately. there have been no updated on even their twitter since 2017


It doesn't even work for me... But 2016 and no one says it's been updated? Oof ;-;


i loved this way too much


i think this is abandoned ;-; it had so potential


hi, is the full version gonna be free? :)


art style was amazing! glasses is hot. <3


This game was interesting. I love the mc's diaglogue! Love her interaction between Grouchy. Prince could be more distinguish-ably more romantic - he seems more like the aloof type daydreamer. Glasses could be more than glasses (though I jam with his magical girl fanbase). He just stays as a nerd without qualities to fall in love with. Grouchy and Prince are pretty faces with polar personality.  Who knows, Glasses might be cute without those glasses.


waiting for the full version of this

i wish there was more interaction with prince and glasses man, because there was no weight on my shoulders on choosing who i should choose (which was hiroto)


this  game is so good. im waiting for full version

i came for the iida. good game tho, like the art


I miss this game..I hope this continues its development one day


i hope this is still on development because I like the art


Hi there! Is the game still in development?


Wanted to like this game but didn't... it felt like it was supposed to be a comedy, but there was nothing humorous about it.   :/  Characters felt flat and unlikeable, especially Grouchy, who was in the majority of the scenes.


This is an amazing game >\\u\\<  I really want to see it finished one day because I wat to see how it turns out  Lol 


this is a good game!!!! i love it 


I played it again. I missed it ;;


termine pfv


i played this again today, and i forgot how funny it was! i hope to see it finished someday


Please come back ;-;


Are there any news about the development? I truly enjoyed the demo and the characters :(


Please complete this game someday.


I was really looking forward to this. It's sad that it doesn't seem to be moving forward. Superb demo.


Good game but it would be better if it was a full game.I really liked The Glasses-sama.


i really hope the developer still wishes to make this into a full game! i'd buy it; it's so cute.

it's been 3 years tho, so odds are not good huh...



You don't need to know from me, play it yourself :P

Alright... Why do I love it?

Besides the beautiful and neat art and concise story,

I think it's like an anime. It is episodic, in a really good way!

I love how it flows in my head like an anime. I could see the story animated inside my head with the unique, lively and relatable characters interacting with each other and forming the story.


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