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After flunking out of University, Natsu has been working the night shift at the local MegaKonbiniMart to make ends meet. She's got an annoying co-worker who calls her "Flunkee-chan" whose sole purpose in life is to make her miserable. There's the creepy businessman who's only interests are of the 2D persuasion, and he can't help scaring away other customers. The foreigner who buys snacks in bulk and is hiding a secret. And then there's signs of a customer with sticky fingers.

How will Natsu's Konbini Life unfold?

A Visual Novel by 2Birds for Ilujam
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Published114 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X, Linux
TagsAnime, Comedy, drama, Otome, Romance, Visual Novel
Player countSingleplayer


Konbini_Life_v1_DEMO.zip (38 MB)


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ahhhh the art. the dialogue. so glorious. so very very glorious. but really this was an extremely well made demo. the plot and story. not a cliche line in sight. or do i just have low standards (??) nah. heh. 2birds have done well. can't wait to see the finished game.

OH MY GOD! GROUCHY IS SOOOO SMEXY!!! *drools a little*

how far into development is this?? I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE FULL VERSION!

The arty looks beautiful and the characters just fun enough to be interesting. THe premise looks simple; modern, nothing special. Yet the way the game is presented already build tension and a the hint at an intimate atmosphere. Looks cozy. I'm going to download it. ^^

Just download this game today and i loved it , cant wait for the full version

Big thanks from 2Birds for playing our demo! We were gunning for a full version for the jam, but bit off more than we could chew, haha. The full FULL game is going to be tons better now, so we can't wait for you to play it! Thanks again!

This is a wonderful demo! The routes are not even finished and I feel like the characters are easily understandable and connectable. I would love to see this continued!

Aw, thank you! It's definitely getting continued and we have some pretty crazy stuff for the characters in store! We've come to love the cast even more, so it's a lot of fun working with them. :) No date as of yet, but keep an eye out for the full version in the future!

I absolutely love this demo! I've been replaying it so much (I love grouchy, him and Natsu have the cutest interactions!) I almost forgot it was a demo because I was too busy playing through all the options. I was wondering how far you've gotten with this game, cause I would love to see the finished version!

Hey, thank you so much for playing our demo! Both Birds are working pretty hard to finish up all the grand plans we have for the game, so please keep an eye out for updates at this Konbinient Link! There's no hard date for a release, but we'll be updating the forum when we reach major milestones. :) Thanks again!

so amazinggg!!! like it so much. I'm wondering when will it release if anyone know please tell me ^^. and i'm waiting for this amazing game

Hello, 2Birds here. No official release date yet or even an estimate, sorry! We don't want to make promises we can't keep haha. We are both actively working on it in a spare time though so we definitely want to finish it :)

Wow! What an adorable demo!!! I am in LOVE with the art style, everything is so gorgeous my heart can't take it what the heck. I love Grouchy oh my god!!!! his eyes jfc MARRY ME <3 <3 <3 He's beautiful lol, but I do like his back story as well. Hoping he'll be able to buy his family's store back. :~) Wish there was more about Prince and Glasses, they are quite interesting themselves. There are teeny tiny grammatical errors but I overlook them because this game is just so cute uGH.

Curious to see how this will play out...I'm looking forward to playing the whole game! Great job!!!

So much love for Grouchy's eyes Bird 2 is confused but happy :D We will definitely be on the hunt for some beta testers before the full release (I am the worst at grammar, I'm so sorry! >.>;) so if you feel like it, keep an eye on our thread over at Lemmasoft >>> Here <<< :)

I love this, and I can't wait for the rest to come out :-) The art style is BEAUTIFUL, and I love all the characters! Natsu is so relatable to me lol, and I'm sure she would be to a lot of people!! My favorite was Prince, first of all because he is handsome af, and secondly because his story seems like it will be interesting!! I am excited to find out more about him hehe.. Good luck 2Birds!! :^)

We hope you'll enjoy the full extent of Prince once the full game is out! (He's an interesting one let me tell you ;3) Thanks for leaving a comment and keeping us motivated!

I kinda forgot this was a demo when I played it and was sad when it ended. Im so hyped for the rest to come out tho! Good luck 2Birds, it's looking great.

It ends so abruptly too haha, we really ran out of time XD Thanks for commenting and following! We hope you will enjoy the full release in the future :)

Ah man, as soon as I stumbled on this, I knew it would be gold, and I was not disappointed! I love the konbini setting, and the art style is just gorgeous! Also, Natsu is a great MC, and I love how snarky she is. All the characters are hilarious and unique, and I'd be lying if I said my heart didn't flutter a little when "Prince" made his appearance ;) And heck, I even liked Hoody tbh (terrible, I know, but I can't help it).

My favourite is Grouchy, though. I mean, he's so dedicated, and he can be a bit mean, but seriously, who can resist that blushing face of his? Also, his and Natsu's bickering is adorable. I have no idea how I feel about Glasses yet though, he's kinda weird, but then again, aren't we all? I'm so excited to see where this goes.

Also gonna scream about the art again because goddamn, it's detailed. Their expressions are so wonderful to look at, and don't even get me started on the eyes!!!! Y'all are so talented <3

This game is so refreshing, and I've been searching for a nice romantic comedy for a long time, and I can't wait for the full release! Already experiencing Hiroto-withdrawal hahaha <3

Thanks so much for the motivating words :D We're working hard on making each of the characters unique. I was sad we didn't get to explore much of Prince or Glasses in the demo (and Hoody even) so I hope you will come to like them as much as Grouchy! I too love Grouchy and Natsu's exchanges, they're always fun to write X3 Super happy you like the art too! Bird2 is such a talented gal <3

If the demo is any indication, this will hella fun to play when it comes out :D

I'm glad Natsu is a character with a face...it's actually more disturbing to not have a character than to have an avatar that doesn't look like you...

Anyway, looking forward to all the humor and Grouchy-kun! Also, fabulous art style, guys.

Thank you! Early on we didn't have a physical MC, but we agree, it was weird! It felt like there was something missing and then Natsu was born :3 I hope you enjoy the final product once we release :)

I'm glad you changed your minds, lol. Will anticipate release day!

Found this game in itch.io while browsing for next game to play, and downloaded it right away! Since I recently watched a comedy genre J-dorama with konbini setting so I wanted to play this too lol ( ̄ー ̄). And... I don't regret it because I love this game!! <3 This is only a demo, but it's so funny! I laughed way too much; my brother gave me annoyed look while I was playing it in our living room lol xD The dialogue were funny and cute. The art is excellent! Gosh I love the characters designs, the artist is talented for sure! Each characters has distinct personality. Their bickering and dialogues were the best things happened in this game! Good job for the creator, two thumbs up! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Honestly, the theme used in this game is very relatable for me since I'm feeling the same as Natsumi's feeling nearing my own graduation, even our thoughts are similiar lol, sorry for my random rants (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩_-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩)

Thanks for making this game! \(^O^)/ And I read your replies for other commenters that you'll make it free to play, aaaaah I can't ask for more since I love free game (●≧艸≦) lol~ (so shameless haha)

I'm looking forward for the full game! Sorry if there are some mistakes in my words, English isn't my first language after all~! Ganbatte minna!! ^O^

So glad you found it and liked it! :D (I must check out this konbini drama, it sounds fun!) We're happy you like the looks and can relate to the characters (We've all been in Natsu's shoes at some point, you're okay *pats*). We hope you enjoy the full FREE version once we release it. Thanks for the wonderful words :)
P.S Your English is great, no need to apologize :)

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Gah! I've been looking for a romantic comedy visual novel for so long, and this one is just perfect! The characters, the art style (which looks absolutely godly), and just the plot itself. It's quite unique and very interesting. Also, I don't think I have ever loved the heroine so much before. Natsu is an amazing character, and usually I find the heroine to be annoying but I love her! I was in love with every character in here, even the hooded man! (I know, I'm weird) and it was hard to pick one but I had to go with lovely Grouchy-sama <3 Everything about this is just dfbs\fb\kejfh.uqef astounding!! xD

I'm so excited for the full version! *^* Is there a release date for the full version yet?? I'd love to follow up with the development of this game because the demo was AMAZING. I mean, it is automatically one of my favorite VN, even though it's just a demo... that's how well made this was. Keep up the great work! I'm looking forward to seeing more Konbini Life!! *squeals*

Haha thanks so much for taking the time to write to us! :3 We greatly appreciate the kind words <3 There's no release date yet but we are actively working on it and we want to see it through :) Currently we have a twitter - https://twitter.com/2birdsgames and a forum thread - https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=... though we are trying not to reveal too much about what we are working on :D We may be enticed to share some of the art...

Thank you again! Your post made our day :D :D: D

omg i so love the art! and the eyes, the eyes man /cries/ . I LOVE IT OMG FIGHTING~~ im so excited c:

Haha that's wonderful XD Grouchy's eyes are the gorgeous-est imo >bias< so glad you love the art <3

hahaha omg yes they are and welcome ~/high five XD

Ugggggh the graphics are so niiice. And I like the story too. Can't wait for the full version ;_;

Thank you :D

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Gosh, I just finished the demo and I'm so excited to play the real game! I love how diverse the characters are and I think their nicknames are so cute! At first, I thought Glasses would be a weird perv-y character [yikes sorry] but he's actually the funniest character in my opinion, with his love of Magic Girl Mimimimi!! Also, I love how mysterious the Prince was. The fact that he buys so much food from the store everyday reminded me of* [i typed me or myself before lmfao what] myself, because I often go shopping and then forget stuff and end up going to the store daily haha. But, I really want to play his story and get to know who he is and why he's so rich????? BUT, my favorite character has got to be the grouch himself. After reading why he's trying so hard to become the owner of Super Konbini Mart it made me want to be right by his side to help him out.

Also, I love the art and the drawings! I hate to say it but one of the major things I look at is art style in games, and this one is definitely the real deal.

Goodness I can't wait till the full version is out! [hopefully its free bc im just a smol teenager with no money haha ):] Keep up the hard work!!

*wicked laugh* Glasses has more to come >:D and we're glad you find Prince so mysterious too, that's awesome. Everyone has their own reasons for being who they are but we only got to reveal Grouchy's in the demo so it's great that you liked his reason for being so... Grouchy ;)

Bird2 is an amazing artist, she really brings a personality to her designs :D I'm so envious. She's currently working on new poses as well so that will help sell them even more :)

And you're in luck! The game WILL be free *throws confetti*

Thanks for your kind words!

I loved the art style, the characters, the story, just everything. The way the story was written felt so real along with the characters personalities and reactions to certain situations. I can not wait to see this as a full game. The only suggestion i would make is adding in some convenience store music and sound effects but other than that this game is amazing. Keep up the good work!

We have music! We just never got to implement it because we ran out of time XD Thank you for the encouragement it means a lot to us :) <3

Sooo cute and really well-designed! Unique storyline too :) Can't wait to play the finished product! <3

Thanks for the kind words Yannie! :D

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