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When will the full game be out?

The graphics are beautiful and the game made me literally chuckle in a world where most of my lol-ing happens only in my mind. I can't wait for the rest of it! I just want to put a jingle whenever we see the store front "Konbini Liiiiiiiiiiifeeeeeeee~!" ^o^


Great game really enjoyed it. I cant wait to play full version when will it be available? I am so excited!!!!!


looking forward to the full ver! 


How is the game going along?

Very excited for the full release of this game, if planned. If not planned, please plan. Much thanks.

Do you have any plans for this game to have voices for the characters? And if so, would I be able to audition?

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Hey, played the demo and really enjoyed it! Noticed there was no music (I'm sure there will be) so for now I created a fan-made playlist of royalty free music to listen to alongside the game (I don't own them; I put them together on soundcloud). If anyone wants to, take a listen and see if you think they would fit!                                                                                                                    

 1) Treasures - Main Menu theme 

 2) Drive - Natsu's theme

 3) Indie Rock Sensation - Grouchy's theme

 4) Sunset Walker - Prince's theme

 5) Aqueduct - Glasses theme

 6) Yo - Meeting Shady

 7) All the Sevens - Shady's theme (mainly if romance-able in the future!)

 8) These Moments - Heartfelt Moments with Glasses

 9) Shining Through - Heartfelt Moments with Grouchy

 10) Positive Warmth - Heartfelt Moments with Prince

 11) Can't Stop Me - Generic Track

 12) All Funked Up - Generic Track (would be funny when Natsu and Grouchy row)

 13) Breakfast with you - Generic Track

 14) Finger Licking Good - Generic Track (not theme from KFC!)

15) Guadalajara - Generic Track

16) Collar Up - Generic Track 

At first I thought ukulele-based tracks would be good, but then they seemed so common, so I went with more of a funky vibe to give it the personality it deserves. The themed tracks are different to give each character their own vibe. Let me know if it works; I might change them again, we'll see. Enjoy! :D

tysm for the playlist, i was listening to it throughout the game and forgot that is wasn't even originally a part of the game. thanks a lot again! <3

Tysm for the lovely comment! :D I'm glad that it sounds like an official soundtrack; I tried my best to decide what the soundtrack should sound like and what type of music each character's theme should be. It took me a few days listening to various different tracks and this was the end result. I hope the creators can listen to some of these and try to get them into the main game!  I feel like I should find an ending theme, keeping the final game in mind. Do you think there is anything missing?

The art is so pretty and the characters are super interesting and there was plenty of humor in the game. Cant wait for the full version!!  

This was an incredible graphical novel! I believe it has extreme potential and i'm definitely very excited to see the full version!

This is reeaaallly gud!!! cant wait for the full version!

OMG, i can't wait the full version!

OMG, i can't wait the full version! Grouchy is sooo handsome!

IKR?! I love his eyes especially!

Hi, guys! We wrote a little review for the game. You can read it here. Keep up the good work and hope we get to play the full version soon! We'd love to write a full review once it's out :)

The every day life of a minimarket officer and her unique-breaking stereotypes colleagues is sure bring much laugh out of me xD


I can't wait for the full version! XD

I cant wait for the full version! Grouchy is such a dream (●♡∀♡)

When will the official release be out? I can't wait!

Anyway, in Italy we don't cut hands to thieves ahahahahahah :-D


Hahaha thanks Medhea. Prince is a bit eccentric XD I hope his character makes a little more sense in the full version hahaha. No set date for the release right now, but we have a goal we're aiming for (i just won't say it, because I don't want to disappoint you all if we miss it >.>). Thanks for commenting!

I absolutely love this game!!

Can't wait for the official release~!

Thank you :3 Glad you enjoyed it!

I love this game.

Like the art is cool and the setting is something you don`t normally see in games like this but it works well! Can`t wait for the full release!

Thank you Livin' dead :D

ahhh this is really really good!! i can't wait for the full version to come out. keep up the good work~

rip bc this is kinda like my life right now except i work as a dishwasher and cashier ;u;


Thanks! We've all been there , I used to work in a cafe (ง'̀-'́)ง just gotta work it (ง'̀-'́)ง *fistbump* (ง'̀-'́)ง

Made an account just to comment and follow you~ I hope i don't miss the release of this! Good luck on the continuation of this wonderful project^^

Aww thank you :3 We also have a twitter if that's helpful at all  - 







Aww no you're poor heart XD Hopefully it won't have too hold out for too long :X <3


XD Thank you~~~

I LOLed at the manga characters' names. I'm looking forward to the full game!! And superb art btw, really love the contrast and blend of colours. Great job!

Bird 2 does gradients like no other I know. Such a talented bird. Thank you! :)

Love it and can't wait for the full game!

Thank you!


The art is amazing, and I really love the story thus far! The characters are really well established and likeable. I look forward to the release of the full game!

Thanks so much Seraphina :3

can you guys make an app for your game ??? Sadly my computer crashed don't know when it'll get fixed . Btw when will the demo drop ?

How did 43 days pass without me replying. I'm so bad. No plans for ios or android just good ol' PC and Mac I'm afraid :) If by demo you mean full release, let us make an offering to the VN gods for this year XD

will this game end up being rated mature? or will there only be like kissing scenes

Bird 2 already feels odd about drawing kissing, I don't think she'll be attempting anything more mature than that I'm afraid XD Looking at the rating guide I'd say we fall under Teen :)

That's pretty interesting! I'm looking forward the full version!! ^^

Thank you! :D

AMAZING!! Can't wait till full game comes out

Thanks so much :) :) :)

Do you have any problems or policies regarding Let's Plays? This one in particular would be part of a series, only feature the first 2-3 hours of one route, and link back here. 

No go for it! We love watching people play our demo :D It's a great source for feedback. Post the link here when you are done :3 (Or tweet at us if you prefer, we check both) <3


This looks so good :D Amazing work you guys - can't wait for the full version!
To other mac users out there having trouble: I couldn't play the game either but when I got it through the Itch-app instead and ran it there it worked. There is no sound however, and I'm wondering if it's just not part of the demo or if I'm still having some problems?
Other than that I'm really excited! :)

Thanks for the helpful advice for mac users! We've had a couple of queries and I wasn't entirely sure what could be wrong, this is awesome :) No sound unfortunately >.> we ran out of time to implement (this was originally a game jam) but the full release will have sound haha. Thanks for playing :)

It's free,right?

Certainly will be :)

Will be? It's good enough from the demo that you could definitely charge for it.

Thank you :D For us though we wanted our first VN to be free. This is more of a learning experience, getting to understand the process of creating a VN and putting it out in the world. It's also something that we are doing on the side (we have jobs haha). This isn't meant to detract from paid VNs, which we hope is our next step, it's just something we wanted to do that (hopefully) opens our brand to a wider audience :)

This game is so amusing! I can't wait for the full version to come out! The glasses dude made me laugh so hard omg.


Yay a Glasses supporter! Glad you enjoyed the demo :)

Can I ask when will the release date be? is this game still on??

Good luck!

Game is still on! No definite release date but we've stopped spinning our wheels and have knuckled down XD Feels good.

OMG the art is impressive and I have high hopes for the game play and storyline! Cannot wait!

Thank you, Bird 2 is happy to hear! We hope to live up to the expectations XD

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